Finding straightforward, personalized web, social media and marketing strategies that represent you impeccably and fit your true needs and budget can be a challenge. The New England Scribe evolved from nearly 20 years of working solely with small businesses, tailoring all marketing endeavors to real needs and budgets, and offering simple strategies to help you stand out.

Services at a Glance – Facebook management, Graphic design by the piece, Text and copy by the piece, blog content, brochures and menus, display signage and product labels, loyalty cards, gift cards, straightforward website design, website management, administrative support and customized procedure and how-to guides to help you and your team manage your database or website.

Pricing – It begins with two questions: Who am I serving and what is fair? Setting prices demands a good, down-to-earth reality check. I choose to offer services to small businesses in rural New England. I set my rates accordingly. Period. I do what I love and know I can do very well while helping you get what you need at a fair price. It’s a win-win. All of us “marketing gurus” offer value and expertise in our own ways. I invite you to find the right fit for your needs and expectations. Thank you if you happen to choose the New England Scribe.

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