The New England Scribe is a one-woman show. I have been designing websites and marketing materials for small businesses since 2000. I’ve learned my trade on the job, finding solutions on demand, taking classes and seeking learning opportunities to match the needs and vision of each client.

One of the most valuable aspects of my journey is that I have been at their end of this equation, as a gift shop manager and in administrative services. From these perspectives, it was clear that many marketing strategies miss the mark in one critical area: YOU, the business owner; your true needs and voice. And the price of marketing tools is so high that small business owners often feel the expense outweighs the potential for a good outcome. This limits your resources and visibility.

There is no cut and paste template for creating the content or marketing tools you need. You are the only template. And no amount of Search Engine Optimization can secure loyalty or convey the genuine voice behind your business. Your website, Facebook page and marketing materials are your storefront. Your strategy must be affordable, so you can succeed. It must be elegant and caring, so you can make a genuine statement.

Three Solutions come to mind. 1) Small business friendly pricing. 2) Web and marketing services that are tailored to your unique voice and needs. 3) A promise to treat your business as the organic, inspired idea that it is.



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