Brochures & Menus


Your website has all the details, but only a fraction of your potential clients or customers will see it. Other channels such as Facebook provide an incentive to learn more about you, but here again, not everyone will stumble upon your page.

Brochures are not “a thing of the past;” far from it. They can reach and inform potential customers and clients whenever you wish to give your exposure a local boost. Place one in every new customer’s order box, ask local businesses to display them by their local information board and hand them out at presentations; those you give and those you attend.

That simple trifold piece of paper will linger on a desk, a daily reminder to visit your website out of mere curiosity. By saying more than a business card, it makes a connection. By giving highlights of your product or service, it invites curiosity and interest.


Here, again, I am referring to a brochure format; something you can distribute and have on display in-house or wherever another local business will allow it. Give your dining guests the opportunity to bring your menu home, whether you serve take-out or not. Distribute Menu Brochures to local offices, hotels, events and construction work sites too. A restaurant or diner’s brand and menu that are seen and accessible outside of your establishment can generate new and repeat business.



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