Facebook & Blogging


The most valuable aspect of Facebook is its ability to engage your audience with up-to-date content and to reflect your personality at the same time. It allows potential customers and clients to discover your business, and it is a powerful doorway to your website.

Ultimately, I believe Facebook is an added value, and must be used as such. Posting about products, special events or services alone is not enough. Facebook offers a unique opportunity to interact with your audience and to demonstrate appreciation for existing and potential customers. Acknowledging comments and thanking page visitors for stopping by is a crucial aspect of a good Facebook strategy. Engaging with other businesses’ content expands your exposure and honors their contribution. This is the real added value.

Facebook Service Includes:

  • One to three posts daily, five to six days a week.
  • Resource and topic research.
  • Copy writing.
  • Generate original images, image editing, copyright-free image search.
  • Links back to website and offers.
  • Assessment of traffic behavior and statistics.
  • Commentary monitoring (to ensure proper behavior and language).
  • Response and interaction.
  • Networking and network analysis.*
  • New strategies research and implementation.


Blog articles can add value to your product line or services and increase your credibility. They provide information that make it interesting for your audience to return to your website and they expand your use of text and keywords to improve your exposure in search engines. Blog articles increase your credibility by establishing the expert’s voice, and by demonstrating that you recognize that your audience is smart and inquisitive.

Topics are inspired by your products or services, but go beyond these to highlight their lesser-known aspects, history or any number of related human-interest facts and findings.

Can You Generate Daily Articles?

I am able to produce weekly or monthly articles. I do not typically generate daily blog content for any single client as this would jeopardize my overall availability to serve all clients well over time.

Do You Sign Your Articles?

That is entirely up to you. I am usually a ghost writer so that articles are associated primarily with your brand. I can, however, sign and specify that I am doing so on your behalf.

Blogging Service Includes:

  • Topic research.
  • Keyword research and incorporation (this helps you in web searches).
  • Original text.
  • Image research and/or creation (copyright-free only).
  • Cross-links to products/text within your website.
  • Light networking if desired.*

*Networking is the process of visiting other Facebook pages or Blogs to “Like” or “Comment” as your business, thus expanding your exposure. My networking tactics are authentic. I will not make your business Facebook page or Blog engage with the content of another page or Blog unless it is appropriate to do so, their content is impeccable and suitable for your audience, and I, as your representative, have a genuine interest in their content.



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