Loyalty Cards & Gift Cards


Why stand alone when you can spread the value? One of my favorite uses of the Loyalty Card model is what I call the “Love Local Card.” Join forces with another local business. When a customer makes a purchase equal to or greater than a set amount (your choice), you hand them a discount card good for one purchase at a partner business, and vice versa. Shop here, get xx% OFF there!

Not all the same people visit the same businesses. So why not share customers? Invite them with a sweet incentive. A local grocery store could partner with a local bike shop; a local hardware store with the local deli next door. There is no competition; only value to be shared.

The phrase “Support Local Businesses” has been around for a while. It is a much embraced philosophy. The Love Local Card is a fun and simple tool to help you reach out and get more local business.

How it Works:

  • I will meet with you to determine the best promo for your business and to discuss potential partners.
  • I will meet with them to discuss their side of the promotion.
  • I will design custom Loyalty Cards to match your respective offers.
  • I will create a simple process to track card usage at both ends.

Each business pays for their own cards and set-up, but my fee will be identical for both. Each business pays for their own card re-order as needed. If one business needs to terminate the shared Loyalty program for any reason, it will be terminated for both and a new partner will be sought for the remaining business, if desired.


Everyone loves a good deal, and everyone likes to feel appreciated. A Loyalty Card is a simple way to say Thank You and to invite more business. Why wouldn’t your customers return if you treat them fairly and demonstrate appreciation and generosity?

Get creative! In the example below, you can see a Loyalty Card I designed for Jeffersonville Pizza Department. It offers the card holder two options for reaching the final deal. This is a simple twist with much appeal.


Gift Cards (or gift certificates) are a playful incentive for your existing customer to spread the word about your products or services. They can also increase your revenue. Over half the gift cards sold in any industry are never redeemed. The business keeps all revenue, regardless. And people who do redeem a Gift Card are likely to spend beyond their value.

Note that the terms Gift Card and Gift Certificate are used interchangeably, regardless of format. Online however, the term “Gift Card” gets significantly more traffic in searches.

What I Offer:

Gift Cards integration in your website – There are various well designed and easy-to-use plug-ins for this. I recommend Gift Up! It has no set-up or monthly fee. You only pay a small monthly percentage of any gift card sale. No sale, no expense. It is compatible with almost all website platforms. The Gift-Up! plug-in keeps track of sales and handles delivery via email, with an option for you to send a physical card if you prefer. The design is attractive and it is user-friendly for you and for your customers and clients.

I will design a branded online Gift Card, create all necessary text and graphics, set up the plug-in on your website and show you how it works. I’ll even make you a custom cheat sheet for managing your Gift Card transactions.

Gift Cards (certificates) for sale in person – This can be an attractive option for Holiday shoppers and customers and clients looking for a birthday, anniversary, thank you or even wedding gift. If you have a brick and mortar business, a physical Gift Card is an added value for you and your customers or clients.

I’ll design a branded Gift Card or certificate with custom codes, along with a track sheet and simple process instructions (if needed). You can easily print these in-house.


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