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Hello and welcome. My name is Paschal’Simon MacMurray. I am a freelance administrative assistant, data manager, writer, graphic artist, web designer, translator and artisan. My home base is small and mighty Jeffersonville, Vermont, at the foot of Smugglers Notch.

I came to the US from Montreal in 1990; citizen since 1998. I grew up among theater sets and stage actors. My father was a photographer and director of programing for Montreal’s Place des Arts. My mother was a stage and voice-over actress. And since you are wondering, I am a gal with a tomboy’s name, and a great love for service, reading, writing, creative work and learning.

I studied Arts, Communications and the Psychology of Visual Communication at Concordia University, in Montreal. I have since studied business and project management, technical writing, database design, social media ethics and marketing. I’ve been a theater properties master, gift shop manager, office manager, commercial website manager, retail and gift show display designer and records manager. I’ve worked at service desks, a kite shop, coffee shops and bakeries, a mental health support facility and a real estate office.

Design and systems became a passion from the first time I held a crayon. This has emerged in every work environment and shaped my career path naturally. Everywhere I have work, I have found opportunities to help with daily business operations to add value to the experience of employers, colleagues, clients and customers.

In 1999, I managed online orders for a Vermont-based homestead and garden supplier and developed training tools and procedure guides to assist in navigating the complex order processing system. Blogs were emerging as powerful marketing channels then. I soon published weekly articles that gained much attention and praise from customers and other businesses. I’ve been writing articles and copy, designing websites, managing Facebook pages and creating graphics and marketing materials for various businesses ever since.

Between 2004 and 2009, I enrolled in classes to learn database design and had the privilege of creating a custom records management database and process for a health care facility. This experience provided the backdrop for a deeper understanding of website management and it serves me to this day.

158 Main, a very popular Smugglers Notch area restaurant, gave me my first long-term assignment in 2011 when Chef Foley hired me to manage its Facebook page. I subsequently designed a new website, including a weekly Blog with over 400 articles published to date, and designed the 158 Main Catering website. I have since added several new long-term and short-term assignments, each offering a different and welcome challenge.

My work life is built around art as well. I love to sew, by hand, and to invent figurines and wearable art, among other things. The PS MacMurray Collection is an ensemble of whimsical gift pouches, pendants, brooches and bracelets, figurines and animals created from the heart. Each item is unique and hand-made, using fabric, paper, beads, wire and buttons.

PS MacMurray Collection

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