It begins with fairness…

FAIR FLAT RATE PACKAGES – For no-surprise long-term projects. We’ll discuss the scope of your project and I’ll provide a total cost estimate. My estimates are final. I will not add charges if I need more time than expected. 50% upfront deposit is required on web design projects. Open-ended long-term projects, such as web maintenance or Facebook management, are based on a mutually agreed upon weekly Flat Rate. In this case, any additional time occasionally needed to complete a task is banked and added to a subsequent invoice within agreed upon weekly total.

Flat Rate is available for Website Design and management, Facebook management, long-term blog writing and any variation on my other services (administrative services excluded) that would require more than 10 hours to complete or that do not have a specific end date.

BUNDLES – Bundles are a convenient variation on the Flat Rate Packages. Bundle pricing would apply for any combination of 2 or more services over a long-term period, such as hiring me to manage your Facebook page, website and Blog. The Flat Rate for a bundle is rounded down significantly. This helps reduce expenses on the services you need on an on-going basis.

HOURLY RATE – My hourly rate is $25. This is not a misprint. Marketing represents a huge expense for a small business. Keeping my prices low means I can do what I love while helping you keep expenses down. It’s all about value and it’s a win-win.

Hourly Rate Structure – The hourly rate is measured in 15-minute increments and rounded down. I always round down. I’ve also been known to cross off extra time. It’s my nickel and dime reverse psychology!

CHURCHES & NON-PROFITS – Negotiable reduced rate and low flat-rate packages. And I’ve been known to donate time.


A Simple Website with up to 10 pages, without shopping cart, runs between $300 and $750. No more. Websites with shopping cart begin at the flat rates just listed. Shopping cart set-up fee is then calculated on the hourly rate. Flat Rate eligible. 50% upfront deposit is required on web design projects.

Facebook Management – Light, daily (5 to 6 days) original Facebook content development, monitoring and networking to promote your services, brand and unique voice and to bring traffic to your website and/or physical location. Hourly Rate applies and Flat Rate eligible. 1 to 3 hours/week usually suffices. Your choice.


Blog Articles by the Piece – $75 per article up to 1000 words. This includes topic research, reference links and link testing, creating header image, posting the article to your website and cross-links within your site when appropriate or requested. 50% upfront deposit required.

Long-term Blog Management – Flat Rate for weekly or monthly, original article submission.


The following rates are estimates based on the average time required for similar projects I have completed to date. Hourly rate applies to anything beyond these estimates.

Brochures – One-time $100 documentation/design/layout fee per 2-sided, 3-column brochure + actual cost for Vistaprint or printer of your choice. Most of my clients print their own once designed. 50% upfront deposit required.

Menus (restaurant, café, bakery) – Hourly rate applies.

Graphic Design by The Piece – $50 per single custom social media composite image (such as creating an ad). Hourly rate applies beyond this for more elaborate projects. 50% upfront deposit required.

Product Labels – $25 per initial full-sheet design/layout of printable labels for repeated single design or $40 for initial full-sheet with multiple designs + actual Vistaprint or printer of your choice cost if applicable (most prefer to print their own).

Text Content – Copy, product descriptions, general website text. $25/piece, a piece being a paragraph of 100 to 200 words. Ongoing, multiple text content pieces are billed per hourly rate, or Flat Rate may apply.

Loyalty Cards – $50 for initial design and layout + actual Vistaprint or printer of your choice cost if applicable (you may choose to print your own). Includes strategy research, card design, redeem process instructions. 50% upfront deposit required.

Gift Cards – $150 for complete online Gift Card plug-in installation, design, setup, text & graphics. $50 for complete in-store Gift Card (or certificate) design, setup and custom process. 50% upfront deposit required.

Administrative Assistant Services – Negotiable. Single, occasional gigs or long term projects.

Initial Consultation and estimate – FREE!

Subsequent Consultations – $25 per hour.


When is Payment Due – 50% upfront deposit payment (where applicable) due immediately upon billing. By-the-piece project and Flat-Rate projects payment due immediately upon billing. I issue invoices weekly, on Friday. Short-term Administrative projects payment due within 15 days of bill date. Long-term Administrative projects payment due per your company’s payment cycle.

Late Payment – I will apply a monthly 1.5% late fee to any delayed payment (a $25 invoice would become a $37.50 expense). I have never had to do this and hope this remains true for as long as I have the pleasure of serving small businesses.

Tax Documentation – I will request a 1099-MISC at the beginning of each year for payments received from any single source (one client) during the previous year, and equal to or exceeding $600 in total. Thank you.


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