It begins with fairness…

I do what I love and know I can do very well
while helping you get what you need at a fair price.


  • My estimates are final. I will not add charges if I need more time than expected.
  • Open-ended long-term projects, such as web maintenance or Facebook management, are based on a mutually agreed upon weekly or monthly Flat Rate.
  • Administrative Services – Negotiable rate for single, occasional gigs or long term projects.

Rate Structure – Billable time is measured in 15-minute increments and rounded down. I always round down. I’ve been known to cross off extra time!

Travel Time – I bill for actual work, performed on your premises or from my home office. I do not bill for travel time unless it is directly linked to a project (if asked to pick up or deliver documents, for example).

CHURCHES & NON-PROFITS – Negotiable rate, significantly reduced and low flat-rate packages available. And I’ve been known to donate time.

Initial Consultation and estimate – FREE!


Billing – 50% upfront deposit payment for large, one-time projects (web design is an example) due immediately upon billing. By-the-piece projects, Flat-Rate projects and long-term projects payment due immediately upon billing. I issue invoices weekly, on Friday, for ongoing assignments or periodically at completion of projects to spread your cost over time. Administrative projects payment due per your company’s payment cycle.

Late Payment – A monthly 1.5% late fee is applied to any delayed payment (a $25 invoice would become a $37.50 expense). I have never had to do this and hope this remains true for as long as I have the pleasure of serving small businesses.

Tax Documentation – I will request a 1099-MISC at the beginning of each year for payments received from any single source (one client) during the previous year, and equal to or exceeding $600 in total. Thank you.


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