Procedure Guides & How-To Guides


New employees must absorb a lot of information. Inexperienced employees often do not recognize the opportunities to stay busy and give good time and activity value beyond what they perceive as their immediate role.

With thoughtful lists of all possible daily activities and responsibilities to tackle besides opening, closing, prepping, welcoming clients, customer service or taking orders, new employees feet empowered and autonomous, and can become highly reliable. The same is true of young employees with little work ethic experience.

This goes beyond written procedures, to giving a clear incentive to stay busy and to contribute effort. Expectations are spelled out and “I did not know what to do” is no longer an excuse. Also, employees who feel confident there will be “something to do” tend to enjoy their workplace, show incentive and show greater loyalty.


How-To Guides are more relevant to websites, online shops or client databases. Often, business owners and their staff find it difficult to navigate the administrator’s side of their own website or database. Don’t feel bad, they are rather complex. Custom-designed how-to guides singling out the specific tasks required for the ongoing maintenance of your website, product or customer database provide an easy visual aid that makes sense to you and your staff, rather than making sense to a web guru only.

This visual, step-by-step reference document can reduce the learning curve for new employees dramatically. A former client approached me in a store one day and said, “The how-to binder you left for us was so helpful. I had no clue how to explain everything to a new employee without overloading her, so I showed her that binder and let her learn as she goes. That was just a few days ago and she’s on her own already!” This is why I do what I do.

What this entails:

For Procedure Guides, I will meet with you or your manager to discuss and understand all daily tasks required of your employees, along with level of priority. I will then ask what other currently unspecified tasks would improve your business and your employees’ service to you. With your permission, I will meet with your employees to get their input as well. Including them can be most beneficial. Finally, I will give this further thought to recommend additional responsibilities for your consideration. I will then produce a list, organized by theme and order of priority.

For How-To Guides, I will meet with you and your employee who manages your website, product or client database to acquaint myself with the administrative side of it, to understand how it is designed and where you find hurdles in your daily use. I will familiarize myself with the various tasks you need to complete on your website or database and design an easy step-by-step how-to reference guide for you and your staff to follow along as needed.



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