Product Labels & Display Labels


A good product label represents your brand consistently. It also sets the tone and mood for the product to which it is affixed. I take the time to understand your relationship to your business, product and audience to inspire each design and represent you and your brand with distinction. Printing can be done in-house or via a printing company of your choice.


The display labels and signs that accompany your in-store products are an important visual cue. Attractive, professional signage shows attention to detail. It reveals something about you and your product, at a glance. It shows you care and it shows effort, two qualities your customers recognize and appreciate. As with product labels, understanding your relationship with your brand and audience is my first step in designing the right display signage.

I encourage most small business owners to print their own display signage as this is most cost-effective. I also encourage you to brand your signage for a crisp, professional look.



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