Paschal has worked for me for 8 years. She has managed all my social media and built 2 websites and a blog for 158 Main, Jeffersonville Pizza Dept and 158 Main Catering. She is professional and very efficient. My business has grown with her help. I highly recommend her for any media projects. ~ John Foley – Owner, 158 Main & JPD and 158 Main Catering

I have been working with Paschal for several months and I can say that her easygoingness, mixed with her efficiency in getting projects done in a timely manner help keep me inspired to create new ideas that make my internet presence fresh and easily accessible for my customers. Paschal has helped me with everything from recreating my shop’s gift certificates, ingredient signs for display cases, creating specialty boxes for guests checking in at a local inn, sharp signage for my building and our latest project which will be the  installation of online gift certificates and gift box order form directly embedded into my web site. She is wonderful to work with and is extremely task oriented.  I appreciate her professionalism, creativity and competitive pricing. ~Jennifer Bishop – Owner of The Farm Store and the 168 Main Building

How blessed we are to have found Paschal who totally revived our church web image.  What a pleasure she is to work with and we are constantly astonished at the wealth of ideas she brings to us. ~ Melody Tobin, Second Congregational UCC of Jeffersonville

Paschal has been a real blessing for our church. In an era where not having a web presence can be the difference between a business or non-profit living or going under, we were lucky to have a professional we could turn to, to keep our webpage and Facebook page active and relevant. ~ Rev. Devon Thomas, Second Congregational Church Jeffersonville VT

Paschal is gifted and creative with her use of words. She is prompt, communicates well and follows through on every task. She takes pride in her work and takes care of our business and website needs as if it was her own. ~ Bronwyn Decker, Vermont Canoe & Kayak

Our church knew for a number of reasons (and seasons!) that we sorely needed a new website. Fortunately we discovered Paschal, who graciously led us along a path of enlightenment to a new design for a very reasonable fee. She explained to us the benefit of the new platform she was suggesting that would allow for greater flexibility in design matters, sizing, readability and navigation. It was a bit tricky to turn it over to the new platform, but Paschal persisted until all the roadblocks were removed. During this effort, she kept us informed of the project and its progress.

Regarding the new design, it is very professional, includes easy navigation, good use of color and pictures, is consistent throughout with content as we requested it, and most importantly, tells the story that represents our church in an interesting and inviting manner. Paschal made suggestions regarding wording and other options which helped immensely to bring the language and church’s story into context in a very readable and reachable format.

Paschal worked consistently with us to determine our needs and desires for the website, offering appropriate advice and good ideas. She was prompt with deadlines and kept us fully informed of the progress of the site as it was developed. Her understanding of web design, usability, style and content runs deep. We highly recommend Paschal!

~ Barbara Thomke for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Jericho VT


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