Text & Graphics


The highly visual aspect of websites can make us forget the importance of impeccable wording. But poorly written text, just like unattractive images, does little to represent your product or service accurately. It can also reduce your visibility in searches.

An image may be worth a thousand words, but a few well crafted paragraphs can set the tone, create atmosphere and establish the expertise behind your product or service. For me, it begins with understanding your brand, and with careful research to determine the right wording for good online exposure.

I create product and service descriptions that put your audience in touch with the objects and experiences you are offering, inviting them to see and feel their benefits and application. I create “About” page text that conveys your expertise and passion genuinely. I create short promotional text and copy to reach out to your audience via news print and brochures. Need text for another application not listed here? Do tell!


The right image, like well crafted text, sends a strong message to your audience. It is the first thing to capture their attention. This, too, must be impeccable.

And there is another aspect to images that is often overlooked: their source. When possible, I use original images provided by you or myself. Otherwise, I research and use copyright-free images only. I can use an image as is, or create a composite image to suit your offer or product.

Long-term, short-term and as-needed graphic design projects welcome.


  • Creative Commons License Zero Image search.
  • Original image production.
  • Image editing/formatting/composition.
  • Promo text embed when applicable.
  • Images for articles, websites, social media, posters, fliers, etc…



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