Text & Graphics


The highly visual aspect of websites can make us forget the importance of impeccable wording. Well-crafted text sets the tone, creates atmosphere and establishes the confidence behind your product or service. It begins with understanding your brand, your goals, and your audience.

Writing Services Include:

  • Product and service descriptions
  • “About” page and web content text
  • Short promo text for newsprint and brochures

Need text for another application not listed here? Do tell!

Long-term, short-term and as-needed writing projects welcome.


The right image sends a strong message to your audience. It is the first thing to capture their attention. This, too, must be impeccable.

There is another aspect to images that is often overlooked: their source. Original images are best. Otherwise, I research and use copyright-free images only. I can use an image as is, or create a composite image to suit your offer or product.

Long-term, short-term and as-needed graphic design projects welcome.


  • Creative Commons License Zero Image search.
  • Original image production.
  • Image editing/formatting/composition.
  • Promo text embed when applicable.
  • Images for articles, websites, social media, brochures, newsletters, etc…


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