Website Design & Maintenance

DESIGN – I favor a simple, easy to navigate website design that showcases your information succinctly so that your audience may be inspired, not overwhelmed.

A user-friendly website gives your audience a sense of who you are, and makes a connection that inspires deeper exploration and a desire to visit your establishment. It is a place online where you can invite people to visit to learn a bit more about your business.

A simple website design is especially suited to businesses offering a service, to artists who wish to display an online portfolio or to retail shop owners who sell mostly face-to-face.

MAINTENANCE – Website maintenance is one of the first aspects of your online presence to impact your business. Design and maintenance are inseparable. My job as your web designer or manager is to ensure website accuracy and relevance. My goal is to make this process effortless and reliable so you can trust that your website represents you impeccably at all times.

Q – Can you update my current website?

Yes. As part of my initial estimate (always free), I will determine if I am comfortable working with your current platform to redesign, update or maintain your website as needed. If there is a learning curve, I will learn at no cost to you. If I find that I cannot efficiently work with your current platform, I will gracefully suggest you find someone who is more qualified.

Q – Do You Design Shopping Cart Websites?

Yes. I have worked with retail websites for over 20 years and have designed and managed online stores on Shopify and custom-design platforms. I can manage an existing retail website also.

Web Design and Management Services Include –

  • Full design and layout from scratch.
  • Incorporate text you provide, from your current site and/or create original text.
  • Keyword research and application based on your audience and industry.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Adapt images from your previous website.
  • Take and adapt photos as needed.
  • Use of copyright-free images when applicable or needed.
  • Alternate text behind all images for SEO purposes.
  • Cross-links between pages to help navigation when appropriate.
  • Links to outside sources when beneficial and appropriate.
  • Visible links to your social media channels.
  • Submission to search engines registries at launch and after updates.
  • Continued maintenance and updates.
  • Custom, user-friendly web admin cheat sheets for you and your team, if desired.


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